Bill Cunningham, 1929-2016

Over the weekend Bill Cunningham, photographer for the New York Times and an icon in the fashion industry passed away at the age of 87. The news hit me hard. I don't know this man, but after seeing the 2011 documentary about him, I've been inspired by his story and his work. Bill Cunningham, the originator of street fashion photography, had an eye for the weird and interesting. In a world where dressing like everyone else is the norm and the focus tends to be on what celebrities are wearing, Bill brought attention to the unique - the people thinking (and dressing) outside the box. 

Bill reminds me a bit of myself - so passionate about clothing and fashion that his hobby was working. He worked up until the very end. And although he was surrounded by wealth and excess, he lived simply and stayed incredibly humble. What a treasure this man was! He will be missed, but will continue to be an inspiration. 

Rest in peace, Bill Cunningham.