Antique Engagement Rings

I've been thinking about engagement rings recently and am not sure where the traditional white diamond center stone ring came from. So, I did some research. The Renaissance era is when people started using diamond rings as engagement rings. Diamonds were considered a sign of wealth and went in and out of style until 1938 when DeBeers launched a marketing campaign to educate consumers about the "four Cs." Then in 1947, the slogan "a diamond is forever" was launched. The rest is history. Now, white diamond engagement rings are a major part of our culture. While I love diamonds, I crave deeper meaning. Here are some cool antique options with beautiful symbolism. 

Forget Me Nots: True love, a connection that lasts through time, a reminder of fond memories and the growing affection between two people. 

Love Knot: A few styles of knot are considered a love knot. My favorite is the "true love knot" (example in top left below) which was a popular ring style for sailers separated from their wife or girlfriend. It's made from two overhand knots that interlock - they are flexible to move a bit but are also inseparable.  

Snakes: Prince Albert proposed to Queen Victoria with an emerald snake ring, but hundreds of years earlier, snakes were embraced as a symbol of eternal love.  

Gimmel Ring: These type of rings date back to the fifteen hundreds. The hands open, usually to reveal a hear.  It symbolizes the bonding of two lives together till death do they part.