Couture Ready

We're only a few weeks away from one of the biggest jewelry events of the year - Couture. It's like NYFW for jewelry. The most incredible jewelry designers in the world head to Vegas to showcase their latest designs. Below are some of the designers I am most excited to see at the show. 

Sevan Bicakci

Sevan Bicakci has some of the most unique and original designs that I have ever seen. They are truly works of art. He uses a technique where he carves the underside of the stone and paints it to create a one-of-a-kind piece. Everything is so impeccably handcrafted. A must see! 

Silvia Furmanovich

These wood designs caught my eye while I was browsing Instagram. Silvia Furmanovich uses exotic woods in natural colors to create stunning marquetry jewelry. The way she pairs gold and gemstones with the wood is not only eye-catching but also unique and exciting. 

Suzy Landa

Suzy Landa has flown under the radar a bit, but recently I was able to see her designs in person and am so impressed. Each piece is hand-crafted in New York and has so many interesting details. Suzy is definitely the queen rings with a side view.  


I met the designer behind the line in January and we instantly connected over our Italian heritages. Also, the designs are incredible. I especially love their Ventaglio collection that is inspired by grace and femininity. Also, don't miss this jaw-dropping, one-of-a-kind sapphire cuff

Jane Taylor

Jane Taylor's designs have evolved so much since I first saw them at Couture in 2014. The color combinations are more exciting than ever and the silhouettes are more delicate.  The collection is cohesive, interesting and incredibly well-made - a must-see! 

Marc Alary

Marc Alary's designs are so innovative and a bit quirky. He puts so much thought into the mechanics of each piece, so many of them move. While I'm not typically into animal motif jewelry, these pieces are not too cutesy, they have a bit of edge and are like nothing I've seen before.  

Polly Wales

A month or so ago I was lucky enough to visit Polly Wales' new LA studio. She also showed me some of the new designs she was working on. I love the direction so much. Polly is constantly innovating but remaining so true to her aesthetic. Although I haven't seen her new pieces completed yet, I know that they will be amazing.


The attention to detail on each miniature work of art by kataoka is incredible. The milgrain edges and other finishing touches are all applied by hand using traditional crafting techniques. kataoka's designs are simple, yet intricate and bring out the beauty of the natural materials. 


Rock Vault: (Especially Lily Kamper, Jacqueline Cullen, Completedworks and Shimell and Madden)

One of my favorite parts of Couture is exploring the Rock Vault, a group of designers curated by Stephen Webster. He chooses designers who are forward-thinking and create sculptural, interesting jewelry. 

Annette Ferdinandsen

Annette Ferdinandsen is up there on my list of favorite designers with Ted Muehling and Gabriella Kiss. Her designs feel special, like each is handcrafted just for you. The pieces are each very well-made and beautifully inspired by nature.  

(images via Quadrum Gallery)



Kothari, a family designed line, focuses on the beauty, balance and wearability of each piece. They are inspired by the natural world and are influenced by their two-generations of diverse backgrounds. 

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 11.56.15 AM.png

Anthony Lent

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I recently did an Instagram takeover for Anthony Lent. I was able to visit their headquarters and explore their entire collection. The designs are sculptural and stunning - each piece is so unique. 

Nikos Koulis

Nikos Koulis is inspired by classic design and how it has evolved through the decades. He has a distinct voice and creates bold jewelry - each piece makes a statement. 

Melissa Kaye

Melissa Kaye's designs are current and modern, yet also timeless. Inspired by natural shapes and geometric designs, she creates classic jewelry with a modern edge. Many of the pieces make a statement on their own, but most are meant to be stacked.