Ten Designers with A Thousand Facets

On my recent trip to NYC I had lunch with a jewelry blogger I've been following for a long time - Joanne, the amazing lady behind A Thousand Facets. This gal knows every designer in the industry, it seems. She has a good eye for jewels and is an all around cool person. Joanne shares a brilliant list of her very favorite designers below. 

These designers are not only extremely talented; they are just great people. It was a very difficult list to come up with, as I love so many designers, but I think is a little taste of what I truly love.

Alp Sagnak

Alp is not just a designer; he is an artist in every sense of the world. He is the goldsmith of words. Not only he designs one of a kind pieces, he creates stories for his costumers. I love his mix of third generation jeweler experience and the edge that he brings to his work.

Geoffrey Good

Geoffrey is an architect of jewelry; his craftsmanship is incredible. He has worked with some of the biggest jewelry houses and has brought that experience to create the most incredible work. When you enter in his studio in Hudson NY, is filled with so much inspiration and beauty.

Anna Ruth Henriques

Anna is a painter, a poet and an incredible jewelry designer. Her pieces are created to empower woman. Her icon is the spider, due their creativity, independence, self-sufficiency and resilience. She designs for the individual person, the free spirit and connected to the world. 

Studio Yamane, Shane Yamane

Shane aesthetic is romantic, thoughtful and timeless. He has brought the easiness of his native Hawaii into his work. When you look at his work you know this is a designer that not only respects the person that wears his work, he respects nature by using ethically sourced gemstones, conflict free diamonds and recycled metals. 

Monica Marcella

Monica is a designer that truly respects her craft, she lights up every time she sees a gemstone. It makes me so happy every time I see a new piece from her work, because is made with love and an incredible passion!

Ananda Khalsa

I’ve been a fan of Ananda for years, I fell in love at the beginning with her hand painted work, so whimsical and special. Now her use of gemstones has taken her work to a different level. She has a great eye for color and I can spot her work anywhere. She has an amazing voice!

Tura Sugden

Tura takes inspiration on traditional techniques, her work is intricate and unique. I was mesmerized from the moment I saw it. She developed a unique styles and she knows who she is as a designer. You can see the respect for craftsmanship the moment you see one of her pieces. 

Johnny Ninos 

Johnny is a renaissance man, he can pretty much do anything, he does woodwork, he is a full time teacher, father, husband and creates the most beautiful jewelry. This is a designer that has a sensitivity like no other. I’ve been following his work from the beginning, and I truly can’t get enough of it!

Rosanne Pugliese

Rosanne knows her stones, the gemstones she uses are breathtaking! I love the lines of her pieces, they are fine yet strong. Her work is clean, modern with sculptural forms. She understands how to create a fluidity in her designs that are compare to none.

Rebecca Overmann

Nestled in the heart of San Francisco, Rebecca has the most beautiful studio, light and inspiring. There she makes the most beautiful diamond work. Her collections are always romantic, they always put a smile on my face and they always make me want to wear every piece.

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