A Gift Guide

Ok, so I know there are endless gift guides this time of year. The last few days (Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday) have overwhelmed me with deals and options of where to spend my money. I avoided it all. Mostly because I am broke, meaning all of the money I am earning is going into the house Chris and I are renovating right now. Also, I prefer to do my holiday shopping at thrift stores. No joke - you can find awesome things! My holiday shopping lasts for months as I search for the perfect items and I love wrapping a big pile of random, yet meaningful, gifts for my family. I find it much more enjoyable that way, because honestly, comparing my bank account to what I would love to be spending on each person can get stressful. This year, however, with our move and my unfamiliarity with the best local thrift shops, I am way behind. So below I've gathered items I've gotten or would like to get for friends and family on my list - each is under $500. And, it's jewelry heavy, of course. One more thing - I skipped the guys - their gifts are boring and I've found that they are fine with new socks or a six-pack of their favorite microbrew.

Click each image for more information and commentary.