Recent Travels

So far 2016 has been a whirlwind. Despite having a low-key New Year's Eve, I've been moving at full speed ever since. For the past week or so I have been in New York City which always re-energizes me. Below are some of the amazing jewelry stores I visited. 

Ten Thousand Things

The two designers behind Ten Thousand Things have a strong point of view. I love that their work is both rustic and very much refined. Their store in Tribeca is off the beaten path but is minimal at first glance, but full of gorgeous jewels. 

Greenwich Jewelers

If you're in the Financial District, Greenwich Jewelers is a must visit. They carry some of my very favorite designers including Todd Reed, Polly Wales and Jennie Kwon. The staff is incredibly friendly and so passionate, it's contagious. Every time I am in NYC I stop by to see the latest! 


Satomi Kawakita

I met two lovely ladies from Satomi Kawakita in Las Vegas at a trade show this past May. They extended an invitation for me to visit their studio the next time I was in town. I've been a fan of their jewels for many years, so of course I took them up on the offer. The studio is right in the heart of SoHo. I met the rest of the all female team while visiting. There is a gorgeous showroom as well as a workshop in the back. They were kind enough to show me designs from their new, exclusive grey diamond collection. 


David Webb

Alright, so I actually didn't go into their showroom. However, I did have lunch with their Archivist and Social Media Manager, Levi Higgs. He is charming and his love for what he does is inspiring. David Webb is an iconic jewelry brand and to be able to pick the brain of someone on the inside was a great experience. I peered in the windows after lunch - the jewels on display are stunning.