Back to Black

Last night I watched Amya documentary about Amy Winehouse. The film was very well done and left me thinking and feeling so many things. I thought I knew Amy, but I really only knew what the media wanted me to believe - that she was a mess. The real story with personal testimonials and home video footage told a completely different story.  Amy was battling more that just drug and alcohol addiction - she was bulimic, and no one took it seriously enough to get her help.  She was also drowning in the pressures of being a celebrity and while she was trying to get help, cameras were constantly in her face. The documentary doesn't exploit Amy's death, but rather shares issues that were never addressed. 

Amy Winehouse was an incredible talent whose fame led to a tragic end. After watching the documentary I was left wondering why our culture is so celebrity obsessed. Why can't we appreciate the talent, enjoy the music and let the person have their privacy? With a little bit of love, and less skewed media coverage, so much could change.

While this post has no real conclusion, I will be listening to Back to Black on repeat today.